[Esd-l] Weird Message-ID

Tommy Lindqvist tommy.lindqvist at space.se
Wed Sep 22 00:13:48 PDT 2004

Greetings list,

We have recently been made to change into Outlook coveralls.
( Outlook 2003 )

Every once in a while, Outlook manages to produce Message-ID headers
looking like the following:

> Message-ID:

An email having a header like this is stopped by the Sanitizer. 
( And it should be stopped according to my rules for long headers. )
Trapped excessively long header:

Anyway, I was seeking advice on how to deal with this type of Message-ID. 
Should I just increase my tolerance for long headers, or should I try to 
track down whatever Outlook is trying to do when it
produces such a header ?
( The message has not been tainted by any exchange servers. )

I am not using the latest version of the Sanitizer, but 1.144 if it matters.

Tommy Lindqvist

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