[Esd-l] regexp not warking

George Chelidze wrath at geo.net.ge
Thu Oct 21 03:02:33 PDT 2004


I was curious why sanitizer catches every .exe file in zip archive while 
I have removed "*.exe" from poisoned-files. I have find out that "?.exe" 
token is not replaced correctly before regexp match is done. really:

s/([^\(])\?/$1./g won't match "?.exe" because there is no character 
before "?", furthermore, it doesn't work as it should if number of "?" 
are listed one after another. for example "????????.exe".

The same way s/([^\\])\./$1\\./g won't work for "..exe" and ".......exe"

Any comments?

Best Regard,
George Chelidze

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