[Esd-l] Quarantine file question

Andreas Micklei andreas.micklei at ivistar.de
Wed May 5 08:51:00 PDT 2004

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 12:43:30PM -0300, Alvaro Aguilera wrote:
> I have a silly question. How can I access the quarantine file with a
> mail program, like mutt.
> I have a file called "quarantine.mbox", but when I try to open it with
> mutt (mutt -f quarantine.mbox) or with the "mail" program (mail -f
> quarantine.mbox), an error is returned saying it's not a valid mbox
> file.

Always worked for me, so this is not a principal problem of the
sanitizer. Maybe your quarantine.mbox got corrupted somehow?

The only solution I can figure is fixing it manually with a text
editor. Make a copy of the file and try deleting individual mails one by
one until mutt accepts it, but maybe someone comes up with a more
elegant solution.

Andreas Micklei
IVISTAR Kommunikationssysteme AG
Ehrenbergstr. 19 / 10245 Berlin

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