[Esd-l] RE: How is a password protected zip file handled?

Agostini yves agostini at univ-metz.fr
Wed Mar 3 02:00:41 PST 2004

More over, I think that A/V software can not scan encrypted or password
protected zip files  ... unzip or Archive::Zip can read the list of
filenames and the sanitizer use this filenames.

Le mer 03/03/2004 ` 00:27, Smart,Dan a icrit :
> Do I need to add the + sign to my zip_poisoned list?
> See following Email:
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> From: Windows NTBugtraq Mailing List
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> Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 3:27 PM
> Subject: Password protected ZIP files and Email worms
> With the release of Beagle.H and Beagle.I, virus writers started enclosing
> the infected files within password protected ZIP files.  This negated the
> ability of A/V software to view the enclosed file within.
> I've found that the A/V software does see the file within the ZIP archive,
> but cannot process it because it does not recognize the extension.  When the
> archive is password protected, the file enclosed receives a "+" character at
> the end of the extension (ie test.exe becomes test.exe+)  Since the A/V
> software doesn't recognize that kind of extension, it lets it pass thru.
> I found that by adding the "+" character to file extensions that are blocked
> (.exe+, .cmd+, .vbs+ etc etc), the A/V software can now recognize that file
> extension and perform the necessary actions on it.
> I've only tested this out on Norton Anti-Virus for Exchange V2.1, but it
> should work on the other A/V software programs.
Agostini yves <agostini at univ-metz.fr>

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