[Esd-l] Sendmail unresolvable_domains

Pierre Etchemaite petchema at concept-micro.com
Sat Jun 26 05:42:30 PDT 2004

Le Fri, 25 Jun 2004 09:12:33 -0700 (PDT), "Scott Taylor"
<scott at dctchambers.com> a icrit :

> Yes, that's why I remarked it out, to disable it.  I know you are only
> trying to help, but please read fully before responding.

I'd bet it was a misunderstanding of the word "remarked", I was about to do
the same mistake...

What follows is a off topic, being sendmail related, but...

accept_unresolvable_domain applies to MAIL FROM: domain, not connection IP.


R$*		$: $&{client_resolve}
RTEMP		$#error $@ 4.7.1 $: "450 Access denied. Cannot resolve PTR record for " $&{client_addr}
RFORGED		$#error $@ 4.7.1 $: "450 Access denied. IP name possibly forged " $&{client_name}
RFAIL		$#error $@ 4.7.1 $: "450 Access denied. IP name lookup failed " $&{client_name}

And variants (taken from
http://networking.ringofsaturn.com/Unix/sendmailtips.php). You may
very well have to back up, because they're so many badly setup MXes
around... :(

Check http://www.rfc-ignorants.org/ for other interesting "well
behaving peers" RBLs, like rejecting mail from domains that don't
accept bounces (if they don't want feedback about delivery,
probability that messages are SPAM highly increases)...

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