[Esd-l] Order of Email Sanitizer in procmailrc

Simon Matthews simon at paxonet.com
Fri Jul 30 11:46:35 PDT 2004


At 05:17 PM 7/29/04 -0700, John D. Hardin wrote:
>On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Mike McCandless wrote:
> > In our /etc/procmailrc file (used with Postfix), we invoke the following
> > in this order:
> > - email sanitizer
> > - spamassassin
> > - clamav
> >
> > Should it matter if we modify the order in which email sanitizer runs?
>In the current order you may want to apply the spamassassin patch
>that's on the sanitizer website.
>The order of operations is a subject for discussion: which tool
>generates the most system load? Which one discards the most messages?
>Spamassassin runs a lot of REs across the entire message body and
>headers, and can perform DNS lookups.
>Anybody else care to comment? Anybody have solid performance numbers
>on the various tools?

I run SA first, then the sanitizer, BUT:
1. Emails that are above a certain size don't get run through SA.
2. SA dumps a huge number of emails into a Spambox (approximately 30-50% of 
ALL emails that are not blocked by RBLs, etc). They are then not virus 
checked -- since the users don't see these, I see little reason to virus 
scan them.

So, whereas the sanitizer would pull out <5% or our emails and quarantine 
then, if SA takes 10 times as many resources, I am still ahead in terms of 
resource usage.


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