[Esd-l] Order of Email Sanitizer in procmailrc

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Thu Jul 29 14:40:56 PDT 2004

Mike McCandless said:
> In our /etc/procmailrc file (used with Postfix), we invoke the following
> in this order:
> - email sanitizer
> - spamassassin
> - clamav
> Should it matter if we modify the order in which email sanitizer runs?

It matters not, but why subit email to sanitizer if you know it has a virus?

One thing that may matter though, the sanitizer may change a message even
though it is spam, then spamassassin wants to learn that message but it's
been changed from it's original content...then what?  Well, as long as it
is always changed in the same it it shouldn't matter.

I use it in the same order minus the clamav and I have not seen any virus
through in 3+ years and recent SA works at about 98% true, even after the
sanitizer with 0.001% false positives.

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