[Esd-l] testzip.pl error?

Fred Laxton securitynotice at laxton.net
Wed Feb 25 06:51:25 PST 2004

I wasn't using Windows, I was on Mac OS X, when I did the second try 
(copy and paste).  In any case, the first time I installed the script, I 
ssh'd into my Linux server and used wget to fetch the script.  Then I 
was using Xemacs to edit it, so line wraps aren't an issue, as it should 
have recognized it as a perl script automatically.

I suspected that the script had Windows line ends in it, but I don't 
know for sure at this point.   I'm on a trip and won't have a chance to 
try this again until the weekend.

I don't recall how to strip lineends in (X)emacs/convert to *nix text 
mode, but I know it can do it.  I'll have to make a note on the vi 
method, I only know "survival" vi I'm afraid.  I'll probably use 
dos2unix instead, I'm lazy  ;-)

Thanks for the help!


John D. Hardin wrote:

> It looks like a corrupt script - ^M's sound like it's in DOS format,
> and my analysis would be it was probably downloaded on a Windows
> system and transferred to the mailserver using FTP in binary mode.
> It may also have been edited in an editor that "helpfully" breaks long
> lines for you without being told to do so...
> Things you can try:
> 1) download the rule directly on the mail server using wget or a
> similar tool.
> 2) transfer it from the Windows workstation using FTP in ASCII mode.
> 3) edit it with vi, issue the command ":set notextmode", and save the
> file (":wq"); this will strip the ^M line endings off.


Fred Laxton

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