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Fred Laxton securitynotice at laxton.net
Wed Feb 25 06:44:01 PST 2004

Yves asked me to forward this to the list.

I was going to try dos2unix next  ;-)  I just ran out of time.

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Subject: Re: [Esd-l] testzip.pl error?
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 09:56:16 +0100
From: Yves Agostini <agostini at univ-metz.fr>
Reply-To: Yves Agostini <agostini at univ-metz.fr>
To: securitynotice at laxton.net

> I just uploaded and installed testzip.pl, and am getting procmail 
> errors.  This is from my mailbox's procmail.log:
> /etc/procmail/testzip.pl: ^M: command not found
> /etc/procmail/testzip.pl: use: command not found
> /etc/procmail/testzip.pl: ^M: command not found
> /etc/procmail/testzip.pl: line 77: syntax error near unexpected token 
> `chomp($destd)'
> /etc/procmail/testzip.pl: line 77: `chomp($destd);^M'
> Sanitizing MIME attachment headers in "2nd zip file test" from 
> <fred at laxton.net> to <fred at laxton.net> msgid=<EEA97A\
> D4-674F-11D8-AEE4-00039345367A at laxton.net>
>   Fixing unquoted filename "mytest.zip".
> procmail: Skipped "SpamAssassin"
> procmail: Skipped "!"
> I tried doing a wget on the testzip.pl file from the Linux server when I 
> initially installed it.  I thought that maybe it was created on Windows, 
> so I copied it from a web browser and pasted it in to a terminal.  Same 
> errors.  I don't think it is just the line ends that are the problem, 
> like on line 77 it looks like some other problem.
> This is on perl 5.6.1 on Redhat 7.3.  I installed MIME::Explode and made 
> sure everything else was there as well.

I don't know why the file is in dos format, maybe John can find if it's 
the file or apache convert it ?
Well if you don't want to wait for the next sanitizer try :
dos2unix testzip.pl
sysutils package on debian

> I don't know why it is giving an error on "mktemp" as it is installed:
> # which mktemp
> /bin/mktemp
> /bin is in the path for a normal user and also root.  I don't know what 
> environment is in place when procmail runs.

It seems that procmail on RedHat don't use path. Maybe somebody can 
confirm. Actually, I only use debian and mandrake.
You can try to put
in /etc/procmailrc and watch procmaillog

mktemp is egally used by sanitizer for macro scanning
So a workaround could be to set
in top of /etc/procmailrc
/usr/bin is to catch unzip

It could be fine if somebody can test this. Thanks.



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