[Esd-l] Re: /tmp/mailchk.?????? (John D. Hardin)

Sanitizer List sanitizer at nyfix.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 06:16:50 PST 2004

Hello John & list

Following Juan & Scott's postings which bear large relation to my problem 
(reported privately) which reared its head again this morning:

 [(exploit??) mail to a specific user stuck
 [in the queue with perl chundering away for a.g.e.s
 [while expending huge lumps of CPU

I checked /tmp to find there were several mailchk.???.. files left over
from previous incidents.

I have moved on to 1.148pre2 (despite George's apparent concerns.)  
I'll report back....

 David Gilligan, G1OGY
 IT Manager
 NYFIX Overseas Inc., London

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