[Esd-l] Sanitizer and SpamAssassin

Joe Steele joe at madewell.com
Mon Apr 12 12:24:42 PDT 2004

On Saturday, April 10, 2004 12:51 PM, John D. Hardin wrote:
> All:
> At work I'm now using SpamAssassin along with the sanitizer, and
> noticed that the image defanging was interfering with SpamAssassin's
> built-in image rules.
> So I fiddled around a bit, and now SA treats DEFANGED_IMG as
> equivalent to IMG (etc. for the rest of the tags).

By the way, this problem is not limited to SpamAssassin.   I have had 
to patch spambouncer (www.spambouncer.org) for similar issues because 
spambouncer was interpreting valid defanged tags as invalid filter-
evasion tags now frequently found in spam.


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