[Esd-l] Worms "caught" in mailboxes

Simon Matthews simon at paxonet.com
Mon Apr 12 13:13:13 PDT 2004

At 11:37 AM 4/12/04 -0600, Brett Glass wrote:
>A client of mine is using John's sanitizer and is running into a frequent 
>problem. Every now and then, he can't retrieve his mail from the server; 
>the POP server software says that it can't parse the mail file. When he 
>opens the mail file in a text editor, he discovers that a worm has arrived 
>in his box. The sanitizer has chopped off the usual RFC822 headers, but 
>has left the MIME attachments behind. Because the file doesn't begin with 
>a line that starts with "From", the POP server is declaring the mailbox to 
>be invalid and not allowing retrieval of the message. Cutting out 
>everything up to the first line beginning with "From" solves the problem.

This isn't the old "^rom" problem is it (the "F" in "From" is dropped)?


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