[Esd-l] FW: [BT] NOT GOOD: Outlook Express 6 + Internet Explorer 6

Fred Laxton securitynotice at laxton.net
Wed Apr 7 11:51:14 PDT 2004

Just installed the latest Sanitizer on Redhat Enterprise Linux, and it's 
working great.

I did have a little trouble with perl's File::MkTemp since we're running 
a virtual server environment.  I ended up installing it and then 
manually copying it to the virtual server folders, and now scanning of 
Zip files is working.

We're migrating servers from Redhat 7.3 with an older version of 
Sanitizer, to RHEL with the current Sanitizer.  This upgrade also adds 
in MailScanner with ClamAV anti-virus, which is nice.

HOWEVER, we are still running the Sanitizer in front of MailScanner, 
because we can easily suppress the infection messages, and...better safe 
than sorry.  We've tested the combo and they are both active 
(SpamAssassin, too).  I sleep better at night that the Sanitizer is 
providing front-line protection, not dependent on anti-virus 
definitions. I have nothing against ClamAV, it is good, it's just that 
ALL anti-virus solutions are reactionary by nature.




Fred   ;-)


Fred Laxton

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