[Esd-l] Procmail or Sanitizer not finishing?

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Wed Sep 24 08:05:45 PDT 2003


I'm getting this message quite a bit lately, is it just because of such a 
flood of Swens?

All these quarantined messages are Swen viruses (there are 100 or so).  The 
two smaller ones are not completed, it appears the sanitizer has truncated 
the message or maybe procmail just died suddenly, but why?  I haven't seen 
this behaviour before and it is only occurring in this account.

Attempt to quarantine the following message in $SECURITY_QUARANTINE failed.
Message has been bounced.
Verify file access permissions (file must be writable):
total 8844
-rw-------    1 scott    scott           0 Sep 24 02:12 
-rw-------    1 scott    scott      146150 Sep 23 04:33 msg.-7eB
-rw-------    1 scott    scott       14989 Sep 23 01:12 msg.27eB
-rw-------    1 scott    scott        2309 Sep 23 01:16 msg.37eB
-rw-------    1 scott    scott      158777 Sep 23 02:34 msg.47eB

Anything I should look for?  It's not a permissions thing, it works 98% of 
the time.



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