[Esd-l] Weird thing about the Swen worm

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Sun Sep 21 14:40:36 PDT 2003

At 07:15 AM 9/21/2003, John D. Hardin wrote:

>I councur. At work the first sign of Swen was a lot of attacks
>directed at my email address - not to others in my office and our
>clients, as I normally see with worms.

My e-mail address rarely appears on the Web, and none of the infected
machines which are pummeling us with worms belong to anyone I know.
So, I can only assume that the worm is "scraping" addresses from
archives of mailing lists (in which we both participate). Unless, of 
course, the authors were good enough to hard-code us in. ;-)

--Brett Glass

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