[Esd-l] Has anyone tried removing HTML "code" via a sanitizer process??

Chris Payne cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca
Thu Oct 23 13:48:04 PDT 2003

This sounds great,  does anyone have some procmail scripting that would 
do this?  

I have written some (basic) procmail scripts, but I am not the 
search&replace pro yet.

Thanks for the humor.

- Chris Payne

On 23 Oct 2003 at 16:22, daniel lance herrick wrote:

> You have multipart/alternative and the browser is
> choosing the web-imitation alternative. If you
> change the "Content-Type: text/html" to something
> like "Content-Type: text/petunia" then the browser
> won't know how to display the "text/petunia" part
> and will choose the other part. (Then you could
> distribute a mailcap that says to use lynx to
> display text/petunia and really send them in
> circles.)
> dan


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