[Esd-l] So.Big Back splatter

Chris Rothbauer chris.rothbauer at intagio.com
Thu Aug 28 10:48:27 PDT 2003

Alright, I've had enough so please check my logic since frustration might just be in my way. I've implemented every rule posted to this list (one at a time, of course - and before sanitizer.rc is called) and these things are still getting through. The main denominator in the one's I'm getting seem to be the undeliverable replies. I'm thinking any reply that is undeliverable is either something I don't want anyway, or a bad 'reply to' as assigned by the original sender.
How about something this simple?

:0 hi
* ^Subject: Undeliverable: Re: .*

Is there something this this may catch, which I may want (or perhaps a logic flaw)? Or (thinking as I'm writing this), am I putting the rules in the wrong place? I have 'backscatter.rc' being called (via INCLUDERC) before 'sanitizer.rc' in the master 'filt.rc' which is invoked by sendmail.


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