[Esd-l] SoBig.F backscatter trap

Kevin Hemenway info at totalnetnh.net
Fri Aug 22 11:00:42 PDT 2003

 >One of the problems we're having with SoBig.F is not the worm itself (which
 >is being trapped) but rejection notices that arrive when the worm forges the
 >"From:" address and sends to a nonexistent address (or sends a message that
 >hits a virus checker). I have some clients who are running John's sanitizer
 >and have come up with the following local rule to catch a lot of the

I'm seeing less "Undeliverable" bounces, and more "OH NOE! YOUR EMAIL HAS A 
VIRUS IN IT! POOH POOH!" auto-responses (which, cynically, anyone who's 
running a virus notifier should be painfully aware that the From: addresses 
are faked, and they're merely wasting even more time and energy).

Kevin Hemenway

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