[Esd-l] Fwd: Notepad popups in Internet Explorer and Outlook

Marcus Williams marcus at quintic.co.uk
Wed Aug 6 01:18:32 PDT 2003

Another thing to look out for in the sanitizer? I havnt tried this
through the sanitizer yet, but I assume it would get through. I'm not
sure if there is an exploit here, but like the article says a user
could corrupt a system file accidently because of it.


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From: Richard M. Smith <rms at computerbytesman.com>
Date: Monday, August 4, 2003, 7:57:47 PM
Subject: Notepad popups in Internet Explorer and Outlook


Do Notepad popups represent a security risk or are they simply another
way for spammers and marketers to annoy us? Because of a design flaw in
Internet Explorer, Notepad popup windows can be displayed from an HTML
email message or Web page regardless of browser security settings. In
addition, Notepad popups can access files on a hard disk, possibilly
causing stability problems in a Windows saystem. 

For more details, see: 


Question:  What kind of operating system allows an email message to
automatically start up a text editor to change a system file?

Richard M. Smith

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