[Esd-l] multipart/mixed attatchments from Mozilla 1.3

Brian Hampton bhampton at hisolutions.net
Wed Apr 16 08:52:55 PDT 2003

When sending attatchments using mozilla mail 1.3 (an .ai file),
the sanitizer says it's sanitizing MIME headers but what it does
is do something to the .ai attatchment that makes it unloadable
when it arrives at it's destination.

Here is the excerpt from the procmail.log file:

Sanitizing MIME attachment headers in "Re: artwork for silkscreen" from 
<bhampton at xxxx.net> to <gtd887a at yyyy.com> 
msgid=<3E9C72A9.6050005 at hisolutions.net>
 From bhampton at xxxx.net  Tue Apr 15 17:04:51 2003
  Subject: Re: artwork for silkscreen
   Folder: /usr/sbin/sendmail -i -f bhampton at xxxx.net --          2145206

I have been using 1.37 for several months now with no troubles, and
I just upgraded to 1.38 and the same thing occurs.  I then sent using
a different client (web client) and did not have this attatchment
problem, so it is related to Mozilla 1.3.  Both clients used the
sanitizer, but it was only a problem using Mozilla.  I never noticed
this problem using Mozilla 1.2.  The attatchment comes through as
multipart/mixed from both the web client and Mozilla 1.3, it's just
unusuable from Mozilla 1.3.

I do not know if it is a Mozilla problem or a sanitizer problem,
but I thought this list should be made aware.  I have read tidbits
of different behaviors with different clients in perusing the
archive of this list.

If you need me to help track this bug down, I'll be glad to help.


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