[Esd-l] A quick thought

Chris Payne cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca
Thu Sep 19 12:48:00 PDT 2002

One of the best features yet in the Sanitizer has to be the defanging 
of html content(web bugs).  This has been a saviour for me, as our 
400+ users just don't get the point about active html content in the 
email system.  We use Pegasus Mail and Netscape messenger, so this 
feature is much appreciated.

I wanted to quickly ask everyone if there is merit in requestion the 
addition of an automatic NOTIFICATION feature to send a message back 
to the SENDER of html emails (contained in a list of known senders) , 
stating that their html-borne email is not supported on our system, 
and therefore not to be read?

I get over 50 phone calls per day from my users saying that their 
email from their friend, SO AND SO is blank, but SO AND SO phoned 
them to ask why they didn't reply.  

My reply is same as always:  we do not support HTML formatted emails. 
Ask your friend SO AND SO to send their email as plain text, no 
bolding or fancy colours or email wallpaper. 

Just a thought, but I guess this could get heavy on the system 

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