[Esd-l] Quarantine/Strip Attachments vs. Virus Scanner

Mike McCandless michael at prismbiz.com
Wed Oct 30 06:22:01 PST 2002

I would like to get some input from the group, maybe from folks who have
used both approaches:

In the context of preventing infection and spread of viruses, what are
the trade-offs between using an approach (like email sanitizer) to
quarantine/strip "questionable" file types, e.g. exe, com, dll, scr,
etc. versus using a virus scanner as a part of the mail acceptance
process, e.g. I've read about something called AMAVIS.

Is the decision more related to whether you're an ISP (customers get
ticked when you delete/quarantine attachments) or a company (the
security organization has more latitude in enforcing email policy).

I'm currently using postfix and the email sanitizer and it's working

Mike McCandless
michael at prismbiz.com

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