[Esd-l] Binary file problems in sanitizer -Error Messages

thomas at bostaden.swedlaw.com thomas at bostaden.swedlaw.com
Fri Nov 29 17:25:01 PST 2002

Hi again,

with reference to my earlier post.

I have the following error messages in my procmail.log
Checking document "test.doc" for stripping
Checking document "test.doc" for poisoning
Mangling executable filename "test.doc"
Err: Decoding; No such file or directory - mimencode?

Exactly what file or directory does the error message refer to?

--On den 28 november 2002 09:02 +0100 Thomas Nyman <thomas at teg.pp.se> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm running SuSE 8.0, with the Hardin sanitizer and spamassassin.
> Sanitizer runs before spamassassin.
> I have the following problem. If I send a word document from my office to
> my home adress - with the sanitizer off - I have no problems opening the
> file. If I run sanitizer it defangs the word document as it should,
> however it seems that the sanitizer not only defangs, i.e make a name
> change on the document, but it also seems to change the mime type from
> binary to text with the result that I cant open the word document even
> after I change the "defanged-name". Can anyone explain why this is and if
> I can do something about it? I simply want sanitizer to defang the
> document so you have to make a filename change before opening it, but I
> dont want to corrupt the file, which seems to be the case now. By the
> way, I'm using Mulberry on the receiving end.
> Thomas
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