[Esd-l] Binary file problems in sanitizer

Stephan Schoen sschoen at rheinmain.net
Fri Nov 29 03:48:01 PST 2002

Hello Peter,
On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 09:09, Peter Hanecak wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Thomas Nyman wrote:
> > I have the following problem. If I send a word document from my office to 
> > my home adress - with the sanitizer off - I have no problems opening the 
> > file. If I run sanitizer it defangs the word document as it should, however 
> > it seems that the sanitizer not only defangs, i.e make a name change on the 
> > document, but it also seems to change the mime type from binary to text 
> > with the result that I cant open the word document even after I change the 
> > "defanged-name".
I have the same problem.
> mime type for defanged documents has been changed from 
> APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM to TEXT/PLAIN to avoid magic scanning on Windows. 
> This may lead to "corrupted" documents if MUA (mail user agent) performs 
> some "filtering" or other changes to attachment assuming it is text (based 
> on TEXT/PLAIN mime type).
> So what you can do:
> 1) Force your MUA not to change/filter attachments.
How can one do that? Can you give an example? 

Stephan Schoen

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