[Esd-l] Re: Procmail/Sanitizer Question

Karl L. Dunn kdunn at hiwaay.net
Sun Nov 17 14:02:01 PST 2002

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, Jack Gryn wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a user of John Hardin's Procmail sanitizer; I am asking you this 
> question because you seem to know sendmail configuration well.
> I have procmail set up as the local mailer on my system; and I would like 
> it to run for all incoming mail received (for any user or /etc/aliases
> mailing list).  
> The problem is this.  There are users who have .forward  files pointing 
> to outside addresses; also non-local users listed in my /etc/aliases file.  
> Apparently, procmail does not filter any e-mail that goes through my 
> system destined for an outside address.  My system is not setup as a mail 
> relay; so anything coming to my system is either a local user or mailing 
> list.
> Any ideas on how I can get the sanitizer working for these users?
> Let me know, I would much appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> Jack G.


I think you should be able to do what you want by setting up procmail and 
the sanitizer AS IF the system were a gateway -- that's how it behaves, 
at least to some extent, if you have .forwards and aliases that point to a 
domain that's not yours.

I may be confused (read that as wrong) though.  If you want me to try to
"fix"  your setup, please tell me:

   what version of sendmail you are using
   what OS and version is running
   what version of perl you use
   the content of your -.mc file from which you built sendmail.cf along
     with any other m4 files you may have customized
   if you did not make sendmail.cf that way, send me sendmail.cf
   some examples of user .forwards and aliases for which no filtering

I realize you might not want to send some of this in the clear through 
email.  If that's the case, clean it somewhat first (replace your domain
name with something else, make generic failure examples, and so on) and
tell me where you cleaned it.

Don't expect a speedy answer -- I am slow, but I will get there:  I'll
troubleshoot it on a three-node local net.

Karl Dunn
k.l.dunn at ieee.org

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