[Esd-l] problems with version 1.136 (Mangle MIME type to TEXT/PLAIN, multipart/related inline images)

Peter van Campen Peter.vanCampen at sci.kun.nl
Wed Nov 6 03:19:01 PST 2002


John D. Hardin wrote:
>  On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Peter van Campen wrote:
>  > John D. Hardin wrote:
>  > >  Can anybody suggest a MIME type to use here? application/octet-stream
>  > >  runs the risk of triggering OS magic filetype determination and may
>  > >  not effectively prevent execution. text/plain apparently will cause
>  > >  some mailers to do textish things to the file (EOL conversions,
>  > >  maybe? Line wrap?)
>  > 
>  > Maybe something like application/DEFANGEDoctet-stream ?
>  A possibility. Would you be willing to change it to that locally and
>  report results?
The tests that I did had positive results:
	- with text/plain: 1 mail with an MS-Word attachment was incorrectly
	  saved by Eudora, and incorrectly shown on screen by MH.
	- with application/octet-stream I do not have these problems.
	- with application/DEFANGEDoctet-stream I do not have these problems either.
But the reason to go from application/octet-stream to text/plain apparently was
	"to (hopefully) prevent magic scanning and execution."
How could I test whether application/DEFANGEDoctet-stream prevents those too?
(how about DEFANGEDapplication/DEFANGEDoctet-stream or application/27648DEFANGEDmsword)?

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