[Esd-l] Setup and configuration

Michael Ghens michael at spconnect.com
Tue Nov 5 18:01:01 PST 2002

Yes, it is.

Most installations that do this use procmail as a local delivery agent.

In your /etc/procmailrc wrap the sanitizer with this:

* !^TOsome_user

This is probably the simplest example, but it works.

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, John Lang wrote:

> Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 17:43:15 -0800
> From: John Lang <johnl at oregonisonline.net>
> To: esd-l at spconnect.com
> Subject: [Esd-l] Setup and configuration
> I think I'm a little confused on the setup of procmail and the
> sanitizer.
> I have a small ISP with one mail server with about 700 mailboxes.  I
> would like to configure procmail and the sanitizer on my mail server.
> I have a few stubborn customers who do not want me to filter any type of
> their mail.  So, I would like to enable procmail and sanitizer on
> individual mailboxes.
> Is this possible?
> Please forgive my stupidity with these questions.  I'm a recently
> converted Micro$oft network administrator, migrating my ISP slowly from
> Window$ to Linux.  It's quite a steep learning curve.
> John
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