Paul Thomas paul at cuenet.com
Thu May 16 17:18:01 PDT 2002


I have SECURITY_NOTIFY_SENDER="YES" enabled. I was informed earlier
today that notifications are being sent to the wrong sender:

"   You are sending auto-responses to the address in the From: header
field; as anyone who understands this worm knows, it forges the
From: header field with an arbitrary address culled from the _real_
infected party's drive."

"Therefore, you are foolishly sending your "Security Warning" to the wrong
address, QED."

"   As a hint, Kleg does NOT forge the envelope sender address...try using
that address for your silly autoresponder. I leave it to the

bla bla...

I am still using html-trap.procmail,v 1.133, has this issue been 
addressed in any subsequent releases?



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