[Esd-l] Sanitizer for end users

John Telford JTelford at metroland.com
Thu May 2 07:11:00 PDT 2002

They could the find a different e-mail client  ;)
I know the Netgear RP114 has a text content filtering option for web sites,
I wonder if it could be hacked to scan e-mails, beyond my scope though...


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> On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 06:18, John D. Hardin wrote:
> > Actually, the reason I suggested this is I keep getting notes from
> > home users who got a bounce, visited the site, and wonder 
> how they can
> > implement a sanitizer to protect themselves. I can't really say
> > anything other than "talk to your ISP". I'd love to be able to say
> > "Here, install this into your Outlook. It covers all the 
> holes MS left
> > in."
> They can do what I did: Install Linux on a spare old 
> "doorstop" computer
> and use it as both a firewall and a mail gateway. You can run 
> fetchmail
> to gather mail from your external mailboxes, which pushes it through
> sendmail to a local mailbox. Users inside the firewall connect to the
> firewall to retrieve their mail.
> I've seen several "Linux on a floppy" distributions kicking 
> around. (For
> example, a friend is using Freesco as a print server at the office, to
> avoid buying a JetDirect.) Perhaps someone could adapt one to 
> this kind
> of application to make it easy for the average Outlook user to deploy.
> Another approach is to implement the sanitizer in a POP3 or IMAP proxy
> that runs locally. This is the approach that the Norton AV uses. The
> local MUA connects to the proxy, and the proxy in turn connects to the
> real mailbox.
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