[Esd-l] RE: 'F' missing in '^From'

Peter Warasin Peter.Warasin at darkrealms.org
Tue Jun 25 21:00:02 PDT 2002


> > Could this ('F' missing in '^From') problem be at all caused by
> > I switched to Postfix and never saw this problem again.

i had this problem, too using sendmail on a linux machine
after a lot of testing i found that my log-directory /var/log in which the
sanitizer would like to log
(/var/log/sanitizer, /var/log/poisoned.log, etc) was NOT worldexecutable

the sanitizer drops prvileges, if dropprivs is yes or not.
in the sanitizerscript prvileges will be dropped before the perl-filters
because perl dont want to run as root (?)

on mime-mails and poisoned files.. i had a horrible errormessage in the
sanitizer logfile (perl-code) and the F of the ^From was dropped
i think this was procmail because the filter exited unsuccessfully because
the 2>> $LOGFILE was failed because procmail cant write to /var/log/procmail
if the /var/log is not worldexecutable and the privileges are dropped.

if the filter exits unsuccessfully the mail will not be filtered and all the
original data will be passed.. it does pass all the text but drops the first
probably procmail has a bug ??

i made it world-executable and now it works for me

hope that somebody can do anything with this information


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