[Esd-l] procmail: Error while writing to " perl -p -e ' #\

Peter Warasin Peter.Warasin at darkrealms.org
Tue Jun 25 18:40:02 PDT 2002


> On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 10:54, Peter Warasin wrote:
> > i think the sanitizer would like to execute the logfile??
> That is very odd...
> What OS are you running?
its linux 2.4.18 smp

> What version of sendmail are you using? Newer ones apparently don't like
> the -U flag. Try turning it off by adding:
i use sendmail 8.12.0
and sanitizer version: html-trap.procmail,v 1.135
that one without macroscanner, cause i was not capable to compile it ;)

>    MTA_FLAGS_CMDLN=" "      <-- one space in quotes
> to your /etc/procmailrc file.
i did this.. but now i must reproduce the error.. i tell you then what

in the maintime i have another problem too..

if users have their mbox empty, sanitizer removes the first character from
an incoming mail.
the first character is the `F4 of the From in this line:
>From MAILER-DAEMON Wed Jun 26 02:40:47 2002

if this succeedes, pine and the popper can't open the mbox

ah.. and the next..
i dont want to send mails to abuse at domain and to the postmaster.. i dont
want to send no mails if i receive a worm
cause it produces to much traffic.
i toggled off
setting it to no value:

but it has no effect.. it does send mails to abuse and postmaster...
(the configuration is in /etc/procmailrc.. and procmail does work cause i
have other procmail rules for my imap-folders.. )

any ideas?

i would like to install the sanitizer on a big mailserver cause i see that
it works perfeclty .. i receive no more worms
but first i must do something against this errors ,)

thank you

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