[Esd-l] RE: 'F' missing in '^From'

Ed Hintz ehintz at natus.com
Mon Jun 24 15:12:00 PDT 2002

jhardin at impsec.org writes:
>Sendmail isn't involved after procmail gets it. To see if that's the
>case, we'd need to check for a missing F at the very top of the
>/etc/procmailrc script, before any other modification of the message.

In my experience the issue only existed when running mail through
procmail. I saw this problem some months back on my personal
server/domain. I was too lazy to troubleshoot, and simply stopped using
procmail, which resolved the issue. That's on OBSD 3.0; The issue arose
after I updated from 2.7 (which worked fine) to 3.0, and I was planning on
trying again on 3.1 when I get around to upgrading. The issue does not
occur under 2.8 (the corp box is on 2.8; one reason it's not been upgraded
is because of this issue). These are all generic installs of OBSD, using
sendmail, with procmail installed from the corresponding ports tree.

Not an ironclad case for sendmail's innocence, but a pretty strong
indication. It is possible that sendmail is doing something weird when
dumping to procmail, which it won't do when dumping to files.


Ed Hintz
Network Systems Administrator
Natus Medical, Inc.
ehintz at natus.com

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