[Esd-l] A sticky problem???

Brent Wallis brent.w at infosynergy.com.au
Wed Jun 12 23:09:01 PDT 2002

Hi n...
he he....its against ACS (Aust. Computer Society Rules) as well....:)
besides, I have really hated it when some yodel cracks our website then
calls to tell me they know how to fix it....for a price...
As I said though, the media in Melbourne especially, love this sorta story,
and the company in question is under scrutiny already (because of it's
aquired monopoly) from our own version of Ralph Nader....good ole Alan(I
hate petrol companies) Fels :-)....there are many ways...some have more
class than others *grin*

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On 12 Jun 2002, John Hardin wrote:

> Suggestion: If it's that easy to crack, then crack it, show them that
> you can crack it, and tell them that you'll publish the details on
> bugtraq in two weeks (or a month if you're feeling generous) unless
> they make honest efforts to address the security problems.

This is Australia; he would most likely go to prison for that...

I've already pointed him towards the RISKS archives.

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