[Esd-l] Problem with Sanitizer and Headers.

Victor victord at paid.com
Wed Jun 12 17:42:01 PDT 2002

I have an urgent problem. It seems some mails with attachments are written
to the Mailbox without the F on the From.

So the first line of the message is

"rom blah at blah" instead of "From blah at blah" (F is missing)

This obviously breaks the message and Outlook does not see it.

What could be causing this? I am running procmail 3.22 and latest revision
of the impsec code.

This occurs in emails with .DOC and .XLS extensions (I removed them from the
mangle list). Docs say these are special and will still be analyzed. Well,
something seems to have gone wrong and "From" is being mangled somehow.

The problem doesn't show up in 1.129 but does show up in 1.134 and 1.135

Please help, or post any ideas you might have. Any help appreciated.

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