[Esd-l] smashing unknowns

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Tue Jul 30 08:27:01 PDT 2002

At 08:11 AM 30/07/2002, you wrote:
>You are going to get ALOT of these I'm afraid...I finally had to remove the
>option in my Postfix config that automagically rejects these because too
>many of our business partners were getting blocked.

Exactly what I just discovered.  heh.

I think there should be rulez about running mail servers, and the first one 
being, if you can't do it mostly right, don't do it at all.

fsck them, I say, they deserve to be bounced, just like the ones that allow 
relaying.  After a few bounces, maybe they'll get it fixed.


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