[Esd-l] Weird LookOut problem

Mark Wendt wendt at kingcrab.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Jul 18 08:23:01 PDT 2002

Hi All,

	We've got a problem with our Outlook users, and the TNEF setting in 
procmailrc.  I've got SECURITY_STRIP_MSTNEF=YES, and when the Outlook users 
forward any kind of attachment, it gets moved into a winmail.dat file, and 
since the setting is YES, it gets stripped, as it should.  Funny thing is, 
when they just send an email, with an attachment, the attachment doesn't 
get stuck into the winmail.dat file.  Does anybody know of a setting in 
Outlook, that turns off the writing of the attachment to a winmail.dat 
file, and just forwards the email and attachment as a normal email and 
attachment?  I really don't want to turn off the security_strip_mstnef 


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