[Esd-l] Curious KLEZ immunity (from DELIVERY!) (fwd)

Kenneth Porter shiva at well.com
Wed Jul 17 12:11:03 PDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 10:16, John D. Hardin wrote:

> I figure this insight might be of interest to someone.  Let's see everyone 
> switching to plussed aliases... <g>

I started to do that, but my mail client, Evolution, doesn't let me edit
my From line when composing a message. I'd have to create a separate
"account" for each mailing list, and that gets tedious fast. It would be
nice if mailman and other mailing list processors recognized plussed
aliases as equal to the unplussed subscribed name. Or does that violate
some RFC on address formats and how to interpret them? Maybe it's time
to go lobby the evo people again for compose-time From editing.

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