[Esd-l] spam / From address verifier

Peter Warasin Peter.Warasin at darkrealms.org
Wed Jul 17 12:09:00 PDT 2002


i think this can be a little bit off topic.

a customer of mine came to me with his spam problem on his box.
i installed sanitizer against the worms but the spam problem was not solved
so i wrote some procmail rules, tested some antispamsoftware but it worked
not very well
then i read an article about exim and saw that functionality about checking
the from address of incoming mails
i wrote a perl-script wich will be called as a procmail-filter. it fetches
the email-address from the from-headerline
gets the domain, does a dns-lookup to receive the mx-entry with the lowest
preference, connects to the smtp
and tries!! to send a mail to the fetched from-emailaddress (it quits the
connection after rcpt to:)
if the rcpt to results in a 2** code the mail can pass, if a 5** code will
be returned the mail will be written to a trashfolder

the script works for me.. i intend to add a cache-feature for emailaddresses
and some other features..
if someone want to use it.. i put it on my server


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