[Esd-l] Yaha is getting past John's sanitizer

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Tue Jul 16 12:26:01 PDT 2002

At 11:15 AM 16/07/2002, you wrote:
>At 12:02 PM 7/16/2002, Scott Taylor wrote:
> >What are you seeing?
>Copies of the worm that don't trigger John's santizer are making
>it in as attachments. Some of this is because the extensions
>are unusual -- we're seeing extensions like ".doc" or ".mpg".

Oops, clumsy me for sending this to you personally. (it's the only list, I 
subscribe to anymore, that doesn't fix the header)

I can see how .doc might get through if it's not on your poison list and it 
won't find any macros.

So far, I don't seem to have this trouble, we'll need to know a lot more 
about your setup if we are going to trace it down.

Are you up-to-date with the latest 1.135 Sanitizer?

The line in procmailrc and/or .procmailrc for 
POISONED_EXECUTABLES=/etc/procmail/poisoned exists and is pointing to the 
right file?  "*.mpg" is on a line by itself, in this file?  The file wasn't 
written as MS-DOS text?

Have you changed or reset MANGLE_EXTENSIONS?
"*.doc" files are normally mangled and tested for macros unless you put 
them in the poison file.


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