[Esd-l] .cpl extension

Chris csmith at squiz.net
Mon Jul 8 16:53:01 PDT 2002

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the notice. I hadn't seen that one yet. I just added it to my 
poisoned list - .cpl are control panel files, so no-one should have a 
legitimate reason for emailing those around anyway. If they do, they can 
zip them first :)

>Has anyone noticed the description of the "Duni" worm? This references a 
>file with a ".cpl" extension -- should this be added to the list of 
>poisoned files?
>P.S. For those of you of an Australian persuasion, the worm seems to have 
>been given a rather amusing name....

It is rather amusing :)

On a side note, is it ok to put comments in the poisoned file?

I have specific filenames (eg readme.eml or story.doc) which are in there 
because of virii but I can't remember which ones.. so if I can put a 
comment in there (url at least) that would solve my problem.


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