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Floyd Pierce floydp at boxusa.com
Thu Jan 31 11:19:01 PST 2002

At 01:11 PM 1/31/2002 -0600, Christian Parigger wrote:
>Thought 1:
>mailers, eg. "sendmail" allows to limit the size of
>Thought 2:
>Attachment sizes are not only a MS problem,
>yet if you want to address MS originated e-mail,
>the secure default settings for Mimedefang are
>an option, see

I do limit the size of messages, but it's a fine balance
between limiting abuse and preventing people from doing
their jobs.

I realize that M$ is not the entire problem. But bloatware
does seem to produce bloated files. I think that powerpoint
is the biggest pile of poo when it comes to this. Let the
user take a 2400 X 2400 tiff and resize it to 120 X 120.
Who cares if the presentation is 50000 times bigger than it
should be.

Sorry, I'll quit venting now :-)

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