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Dan Kubilos dan at oxnardsd.org
Thu Jan 31 10:43:00 PST 2002

Cool idea! And no, I can't code it.

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On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Floyd Pierce wrote:

> John, my users are about to drive me insane. We have a huge
> problem with people using FSCKing M$ products with which they
> manage to generate files only slightly less massive than a
> black hole and then send an e-mail to 50 users on our system
> with the big honking file as an attachment.
> We have 24 locations with either 64K or 128K frame connections.
> The result of the above is a "packet storm" on our network when
> the e-mail clients automatically start picking up these huge
> e-mails.
> My proposal, which is only slightly related to the purpose of
> the sanitizer: Could there be an option that would strip
> attachments and place them in a user configurable place while
> inserting a link into the message. So, when the 48 of the 50
> don't care about the attachment, it doesn't get downloaded. Or
> even if they all want it, the load gets spread out.
> Of course this is a lot of complexity, but I'd bet that many
> of us would use such a beast...
> We also have a current problem with the sanitizer, in that it
> scans the attachments 50 times under the above scenario.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.
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