[Esd-l] Blank lines after Subject: problem

Paul A Pick paul.pick at ec.gc.ca
Tue Jan 29 11:01:01 PST 2002

Hi all,

 I have a vague recollection that this has been discussed before
but I couldn't find the post in either the procmail list
archives nor in esa-l, so please bear with me.

 My users sometimes receive email with multiple attachments
(html + doc/xls) which have an extra blank line (or two)
after the Subject line, like so:

--- beginning of message ---
Sent: January 28, 2002 11:35 AM
Subject: some subject line

Return-Path: <someuser at somewhere>
Received: blah blah blah
From: "Some User" <someuser at somewhere>
Subject: some subject line
--- message continues ---

 The sample you see above is from after it has passed
through the sanitizer. I don't have a "before" captured
yet. The sanitizer logs don't say anything very interesting,
just that they are sanitizing MIME.

 The mail client sees the first three lines as the header
and every afterwards as the body. The end result is that
the user sees a big pile of ascii with no attachments, no
To: and no From:.

 I'm thinking that I could get away with simply deleting
blank lines after a Subject: line, 'cause I can't think of
a case where Subject: is the last header. Anyone got any
cleaner ideas? Anyone got a recipe near to hand to delete
blank lines after Subject:?

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