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Michael Geier mgeier at cdmsports.com
Tue Jan 29 06:45:01 PST 2002

no...the reason would be that:

	1. you don't have multiple .extension attachments
	   poisoned (see current poison list on impsec website)
	2. you don't have .com files poisoned automatically

option 1. may work alot better with version 1.133
option 2. will work with every version I have ever used of the Sanitizer
(realizing I started around 1.12#)

<kudos for JH>
Not one single virus/trojan has been passed to our clients through email in
over 18 months
</kudos for JH>

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Im assuming that since Im currently running v1.129, that is the reason
why the sanitizer didnt catch the www.myparty.yahoo.com?

Eric D. Brosius
Technical Assistant
Orange County Community College
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