Fwd: [Esd-l] Stripping Attachments?

Mark Wendt wendt at kingcrab.nrl.navy.mil
Sat Jan 12 20:19:01 PST 2002


         Check also in the html-trap.procmail file.  There is a section for 
MANGLE_EXECUTABLES.   If you're using one of the latest versions, you 
shouldn't need to also put this in your procamilrc file.  That's why the 
.rtf files probably are still being stripped.  So procmail is seeing the 
MANGLE_EXTENSIONS twice, and is using the last seen, which still includes 
the .rtf extension.  If you list .html in your STRIPPED_EXECUTABLES file, 
it will strip .html attachments from the emails.


>I'm trying to implement the STRIPPED_EXECUTABLE feature. In my
>/etc/procmailrc, I put all the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list in:
>Then in /etc/procmailrc, I put the following:
>      :0
>      * ^(To|Cc):.*some at address.com
>      {
>      }
>and omit the file extentions I want to not be stripped. In particular, I
>don't want to strip .rtf files for some at address.com, so it is omitted from
>the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list. However when a .rtf file is sent to
>some at address.com, it is getting stripped unless I remove that extention
>from the STRIPPED_EXECUTABLES="/etc/procmail/stripped" list.
>BTW, I have a separate /etc/procmailrc for some at address.com so
>other addresses aren't bothered by 
>I thought for a file to be stripped, the extention must appear in
>Also, my other dumb question for the day is:
>What happens if I list .html files to be stripped? And, what does
>'html?' do?
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