[Esd-l] new poison files

Chris Payne cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca
Wed Jan 2 14:30:01 PST 2002

We've seen several infections on campus (in other departments - but 
not here though) of numerous <filename>.EXE   carrying virus payloads.  

I have also decided to inherit the ultimate prevention and ban ALL .exe
files. Virus infections have gone from 5 per week to absolutely none.

If someone wishes to transfer an EXE via email, we ask that
they ZIP the file.  Most of my users cannot figure out WinZip
or PkZip, so we prevent abuse of email as an FTP client.

- Chris Payne

On Wed, 2 Jan 2002 16:18:34 -0600, Michael Geier wrote:

>damn!  I swear that it read sent.exe cuz I copy/pasted it into my poison
>Peter Norton is out to get me!

- - 

Chris Payne 
Network Administrator
Physical Resources Dept, 
University of Guelph
(519)824-4120  x2882
cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca

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