[Esd-l] What file-endings should be stopped for this ?

Tommy Lindqvist tommy.lindqvist at space.se
Wed Feb 27 07:05:01 PST 2002

the mp3 files are obvious choices for this. Mainly what I was wondering is
what other file endings may be used.

If I underkstood the report correctly, it is script sequences for 
Real Player that is used, so both Mediaplayer of version 7+ and Real player
would be vulnerable to next generation SirCamm.

( If I remember correctly, SirCamm fooled the (non)existant security
in Outlook by calling itself audio/wav even though it was a .exe file. )

Here comes a perfectly valid mediafile correctly identified as audio/wav,
and the correct application is launched, and then the script starts to run.

Thus the need to poison all kind of files that Mediaplayer/Realplayer opens
by default. 

I do not know all of them, although a good guess would be


At 08:56 2002-02-27 -0600, Michael Geier wrote:
>Well, you can ask yourself "do my users need to be emailing each 
>other .mp3 files?"...
>1.  ( yes ) find a strong ceiling, a length of rope and a 
>		wobbily chair...
>2.  ( no  ) poison .mp3, or mangle .mp3 with a strong warning 
>		to your users about .mp3 files, URL-encoding and 
>		Windows Media Player
>Also, this only effects Windows Media Player (WMP).  Using Winamp, 
>the song actually stops before the first encoded URL.
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>what other endings may be used for these kind of players. ( 
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