[Esd-l] security_notify_sender

Joe Steele joe at madewell.com
Thu Feb 7 11:36:00 PST 2002

On Thursday, February 07, 2002 11:11 AM, Jason Noble wrote:
> This is driving me crazy, everything I try, doesnt change it.
> The ^From is always root. The message can be internal, external, on any
> account, and the ^From is still root.
> This mail server is doing some weird stuff.

What does your local mailer definition look like in your sendmail.cf 
file?  Here's an example:

Mlocal,         P=/usr/bin/procmail, F=lsDFMAw5:/|@qSPfhn9, S=10/30, R=20/40,
                A=procmail -Y -a $h -d $u

In this example, one of the mailer flags (after "F=") is 'n'.  This 
tells sendmail to NOT insert a unix style "From " line at the start 
of the message, leaving it up to procmail to generate the "From " 
line.  Another flag is 'f', which tells sendmail to add 
'-f <sendername>' to procmail's command line.  This will tell 
procmail to create a "From " line using <sendername>.

If the mailer flags had the 'n' but did not have 'f', then procmail 
would assume that the "From " line should be set from the user ID that 
is running the procmail process.  If procmail is running as root, the 
result would be "From root".

See if your local mailer definition does something different from 


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