[Esd-l] security_notify_sender

Joe Steele joe at madewell.com
Wed Feb 6 11:36:00 PST 2002

On Wednesday, February 06, 2002 1:35 PM, Jason Noble wrote:
> > As far as failure of 'SECURITY_NOTIFY_SENDER', sender notification is
> > skipped if the following pattern fails to match:
> > * !  ^FROM_DAEMON
> Is this something I caused to happen? or is it a problem with the mail
> sanitizer?

Sorry for not being very clear.  As 'man procmailrc' says, 
'FROM_DAEMON' is shorthand for a lengthy pattern that is intended to 
match messages sent from daemons/servers/etc.  You can see the full 
expansion of the patttern down below.

> >
> > Your debug log showed the above pattern match failed, so notification
> > of sender did not occur.  The failure shows up as:
> >
> > procmail: No match on !
> > "(^(Mailing-List:|Precedence:.*(junk|bulk|list)|To:
> > Multiple recipients of
> > |(((Resent-)?(From|Sender)|X-Envelope-From):|>?From
> > )([^>]*[^(.%@a-z0-9])?(Post(ma?(st(e?r)?|n)|office)|(send)?Mail(er)?|daemon|m(mdf|ajordomo)|n?uucp|LIST(SERV|proc)|NETSERV|o(wner|ps)|r(e(quest|sponse)|oot)|b(ounce|bs\.smtp)|echo|mirror|s(erv(ices?|er)|mtp(error)?|ystem)|A(dmin(istrator)?|MMGR|utoanswer))(([^).!:a-z0-9][-_a-z0-9]*)?[%@>
> >
> > ][^<)]*(\(.*\).*)?)?$([^>]|$)))"
> >

Now, if you cross your eyes and squint, you will see that somewhere 
in the above pattern that it says:

! "From: root" 

(honestly, it really does).  I suspect you were testing your 
sanitizer setup with a test message from root to yourself.  The 
sanitizer will not 'notify sender' if the sender is root or any other 
daemon that matches the expanded 'FROM_DAEMON' pattern.  Try testing 
it again with a test message sent from a normal user and see if it 


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