[Esd-l] Something new

Darryl Ross dross at syc.asn.au
Sat Feb 2 00:01:03 PST 2002

> Can't something similar already be done by:
> SECURITY_QUARANTINE="$HOME/virus_quarantine/virus.file"

I think he meant something along the lines of:


And then put a comment in the email message along the lines of:

"This email message has been scanned by the XYZ company's inbound email
virus and macro scanner. An attachment has been found that has the
possibility of containing either a virus or a dangerous macro. For safety
reasons the attachment has been removed from this message and placed in a
secure location on the Intranet website. You can download the attachment
from http://intranet/~username/attachment.doc. Please remember to run
[insert name of local desktop antivirus program] before you open the file."

Personally, I think having an option like that would be really great. It
would also be good if it were possible to do that to files above a certain
size, whether they are dangerous or not. (My boss likes sending me 10Mb
files regularly... I'd prefer to get them when I need them rather than the
first time I check my mail...)

> Not sure how many folks have shell accounts to access such
> things these days anyway.

Last time I counted, we had 116 users. One of them has shell access. Me.



Darryl Ross
Service to Youth Council Inc
Adelaide, South Australia
dross at syc.asn.au

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